DSA New OrleansFall 2022

Voter Guide

Appendix: Recommendations vs. Endorsements

As defined by our general membership through a resolution passed in our July 2021 general meeting, an endorsement represents a direct material investment from our membership into a candidate, including volunteer labor, securing the support of the national DSA organization, and general campaign infrastructure. Whether they are chapter members or not, candidates must initiate the endorsement process themselves by responding to our candidate questionnaire. If at least 1% of chapter members petition in favor of endorsement, and a majority of the elected Local Council approves, candidates are invited to participate in a Q&A meeting with chapter members before the general membership votes on the question of endorsement. The New Orleans DSA has not endorsed any candidates in this election.

In contrast, a recommendation can be initiated by any member by presenting a recommendation resolution at one of our monthly general meetings. These recommendations can take a variety of forms, from recommending a vote for, a vote against, or even no vote at all, but require the consent of a majority of members in a quorate meeting with at least 10% of dues-paying members present. Recommendations will be made explicit in voter guides, but do not devote member time and resources to a given campaign as a chapter priority, like endorsements do. A lack of recommendation in a given race should not be interpreted as condemnation or praise of any particular candidate(s), but that there is, if anything, no majority opinion on that race among chapter membership. The recommendation process has been employed twice since it was established by membership in February 2021.

We hope to connect issues in the races to larger discussions in our city and world, and give a better understanding of the positions and processes of our city and electoral system. This guide is written and researched by volunteers working with the Municipal Action Committee of the New Orleans DSA and is approved by elected chapter leadership.