DSA New OrleansFall 2021

Voter Guide

State Representative, District 102

This election comes at the end of a year of endless electoral musical chairs, triggered by Cedric Richmond’s appointment to the Biden administration, opening up his congressional seat. Troy Carter then took that seat in the April runoff, opening up his state Senate spot. That set off yet another election, which Gary Carter, Jr. won in July, with around 10% voter turnout. Carter (Jr.) leaves behind Louisiana Representative District 102, which represents all of Algiers in the statehouse.

Delisha Boyd (D) is a real estate broker and board member for the New Orleans Redevelopment Authority. Her campaign is being managed by 2nd City Court Constable Edwin Shorty, Jr. Her funders include a long list of donors, including Ike Spears’ Deep South Political Consulting, State Rep. Mandie Landry, and others, including many from the accounting, real estate, and nursing home industries. That last one is of particular concern as a potential conflict-of-interest with renewed urgency behind the push to reign in nursing home operators after the deadly lack of adequate evacuation plans led to multiple deaths during Hurricane Ida. For one of this election’s very far down-ballot races, it’s staggering that Boyd’s campaign has stacked up $44,335 with the massive advantage her political network provides on its own.

Jordan Bridges (D) is running a grassroots campaign with one-tenth of the funding of his opponent and none of her big name endorsements. Rather than big money and ad-buys, Bridges’ campaign tactics are grassroots — he co-runs Algiers Proud, which was formed shortly before Hurricane Ida, and has been running food distribution and advocating for seniors living in poor conditions at Boyd Manor. His candidacy was challenged early on in his campaign by Arielle Desse of tourism giant New Orleans & Co., but immediately dismissed in First City Court. He seems to be making all the right enemies.

Bridges is a former Propeller graduate, and Program Coordinator with the New Orleans Council for Community and Justice. His mom, Stephanie Bridges, is running for City Council District C.