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Constitutional Amendment NO. 1 (ACT 10, 2nd ES - SB 44)

Allows out-of-state residents to serve on a public postsecondary education board of supervisors.

This constitutional amendment was put on the ballot by Democratic State Senator Cleo Fields from Baton Rouge. Because the Louisiana legislature had called itself into a second special session late in the year, this thing made it out of there in late October. Too late to show up on your November ballot, but here it is now. Enjoy.

What’s going on here is Cleo Fields wants to allow some members of each of the four Boards of Supervisors of Louisiana’s university systems to reside out of state. Specifically this would affect two of the fifteen seats on each board. So, if this passes, at the most, the Governor could appoint eight out-of-state residents to be among the exalted sixty Supervisors of the state’s colleges. Surely Fields and, probably Governor Edwards, must have some specific persons in mind for whom they want to do this favor. If it passes, we’ll have to watch the news to find out who.