2019 Louisiana Democratic Socialist Voting Guide

Runoff Edition

What Happens Next?

This fall, Louisiana DSA members were excited to organize and to vote for Marguerite Green. We were in it together. Some of us knocking doors. Some of us making calls and sending texts. Some carrying postcards in our bag. Most of us donating money. We did not make it to the runoff, but our efforts were not in vain. A fought loss is better than surrender. 259,000 of us came out and voted for a better world. Now we are fighting to keep Eddie Rispone out of the governor’s office. Failing that, we will fight his agenda.

259,000 votes isn’t a small number! In fact, it would have been enough to win the last seven Louisiana Democratic Presidential primary races.

In April, we can vote again for a better world in the Democratic presidential primary. New Orleans DSA members are already organizing in support of Bernie Sanders 2020. We will demand single-payer Medicare for All, medical debt forgiveness, free college, college debt forgiveness, and a habitable Earth with unionized Green New Deal jobs for all. Let’s keep fighting for a better world.


  • Join DSA
  • Bring a group to these City Planning Commission meetings and demand high-quality public housing
    • Nov. 11, Robert E. Smith Library at 6301 Canal Blvd.
    • Nov. 14, Algiers Regional Library at 3014 Holiday Dr.
    • Nov. 18, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Library at 1611 Caffin Ave.
    • Nov. 20, Stallings St. Claude Recreation Center at 4300 St. Claude Ave.
  • Nov 21 City Council meeting - OPPRC Jail Expansion - call, go by, leave a comment card, email, etc. If you’ve never been to a City Council meeting before, email municipalaction@dsaneworleans.org, and we’ll meet you at City Hall!