Join DSA Comms!

Project Coordinator

Do you have good organizational skills, like working with people, and want to help see Comms projects through from start to finish?

Project Coordinators oversee the creation of flyers, social media graphics and campaigns, merch, and any other Comms projects by talking with other Committees about their goals, working with the content team to get cool stuff produced, and setting due dates and doing follow-up to make sure we’re staying on schedule.

Skills You’ll Need: Organization, Reliability, People Skills, Spreadsheets!
Time Commitment: You can take on projects to manage based on your own availability, but will need to be consistent and reliable for projects you commit to

Content Team

Are you a writer, editor, graphic designer, illustrator, web designer, Very Online meme-person, videographer, or artist?

The Content Team is basically a big group chat where you can find out about and get plugged into current Comms projects, connect and skill share with other team members, and get Comms support for your idea for a chapter project.

Time Commitment: Up to you, on a per-project basis

Tech Team

Are you a web designer, developer, or data or SEO analyst?

The Tech Team works with the project coordinators and the content team to develop sites, tools, and analysis to further our organizing, as well as maintaining and expanding our tech infrastructure.

Time Commitment: Significant for members involved in infrastructure maintenance. For others, on a per-project basis

Social Coordinator

Are you Super Good At Posting, have significant experience within the chapter, and are familiar with the chapter’s political goals and internal structure?

The Social Team manages the day-to-day operations of the chapter’s social media presence, including scheduling and posting content, monitoring engagement, and responding to inquiries and questions on social channels.

Time Commitment: Availability to monitor various channels multiple times a week