DSA Elections October 2021

New Orleans DSA will be holding elections October 23rd!

DSA is based on worker self-organization and internal democracy, and October 23rd we'll be holding elections for several important internal leadership roles! Below is a list of the positions being voted on. All positions are elected for a term of one year.

Any member in good standing may run for these positions, and candidates may be nominated by another member, or nominate themselves. To submit a nomination, email hello@dsaneworleans.org or let a chapter officer know your nomination(s).

Direct Service Committee Chair

(Currently Vacant)

The Direct Service Committee focuses on mutual aid and providing direct material support to our community. Previous activites of the DSC have included monthly Brake Light Clinics (a now-nationwide program which originated in our Chapter), food and supply distribution, and coalition work to help organize against mass incarceration, surveillance, and the carceral state. As a Committee Chair, the Direct Service Chair also holds a voting seat on our Chapter's Local Council.

Municipal Action Committee Chair

(Currently Vacant)

The Municipal Action Committee aims to foment socialism in New Orleans by engaging with local politics and government, and undertaking specific local issue advocacy. Historically, the MAC has produced the widely-read Chapter Voter Guide, as well as housed the Chapter's local electoral work. As a Committee Chair, the MAC Chair also holds a voting seat on our Chapter's Local Council.

Project Coordinator

(Current Project Coordinator: Andy L., term-limited)

The Project Coordinator is an independent role within the chapter aimed at encouraging less-active members to become more involved, and preventing burnout and overcommitment amongst more-active members. Additionally, the Project Coordinator looks to serve as a visible resource for members who feel overwhelmed or overcommitted. You can read the full resolution creating the position here.

DSA-LA Commission Members

(2 seats, voted on by LC, confirmed by GM)

At our last Convention, chapter membership voted unanimously to begin the process of collaborating on creating a statewide Louisiana DSA. Last month the General Meeting confirmed our first representative to a potential statewide organization, Jeff B., and two additional representatives, nominated by the Local Council, will be voted on the 23rd.